Quelques activités en Meuse

Temps - distance à partir du Domaine

Some activities in Meuse

Temps - distance à partir du Domaine

Le vent des forêts

The forest wind


In the heart of the Meuse region, the six Vent des Forêts villages have been welcoming international artists for summer residencies since 1997.

More than a hundred works have been created along the 45km of paths that are freely accessible from March to September.

30min - 33kms


Lac de madine, base nautique proche du domaine de Sommedieue

Lake of Madine

Situated at the foot of the Côtes de Meuse and at the heart of the Regional Nature Park, Lac de Madine is a 1,100-hectare lake with 250 hectares of forest and 42 km of shoreline.

The leisure centre offers you all the pleasures of nature, sport and leisure: water sports centre, equestrian centre, golf course, fishing, tree climbing...

35 min - 37 kms


Ossuaire de Douaumont, activités touristique en Meuse

Douaumont Ossuary

This emblematic battlefield monument is home to around 130,000 bodies of unidentified French and German soldiers.

In front of the ossuary lies the huge national necropolis, where more than 16,000 French soldiers are buried.

25min - 23kms


Circuit pédestre et VTT en Meuse proche de Verdun

Walking and mountain bike trails


The Sommedieue estate has selected 4 walking and mountain bike trails just for you.

Depart directly from the Domaine and head for the Sommedieue national forest. With different circuits from 2h to 3h30

0min - 0kms


Citadelle souterraine de Verdun

Underground Citadel of Verdun

Experience a historic tour of the citadel's underground galleries, in a wire-guided gondola.

Thanks to the projections, immerse yourself in the memory of this place and share in the moments experienced by the soldiers, such as the choice of the Unknown Soldier.

15min - 16kms


Mémorial de Verdun

Verdun Memorial


The itinerary of the new Memorial places the figure of the Verdun combatant, whether French or German, at the heart of the visit.

2,000 objects from the collections, a host of often previously unpublished photographs, French and German eyewitness accounts and exceptional audiovisual features.

30min - 25kms


Fort de Douaumont

Douaumont Fort

Le fort de Douaumont est le plus puissant ouvrage de la place forte de Verdun. Enlevé par surprise 4 jours après le début de la bataille de Verdun, il sera occupé pendant 8 mois par l’armée allemande.

Films et photographies d’époque, documents d’archives, commentaires et témoignages permettent de mieux comprendre l’histoire de ce haut lieu.

30min - 25kms


Les côtes de Meuse

Comment vous parlez du tourisme en Meuse sans vous parler des célèbres côtes de Meuse. Nous avons sélectionné pour vous plusieurs vignerons des côtes de Meuse, la plupart proposent une vente sur place mais aussi des dégustations.

Click on the button below to see a tour of several winegrowers, by car or by bike.More information 

Domain of l'Aumonière

Producer of vins de pays de la Meuse: auxerrois, chardonnay, pinot noir, gris, traditional method blanc de blancs and rosé, eaux de vie, liqueurs, artisanal fruit juices.

Sale on site (tasting available).

Domain ofMontgrinon

Wines produced under organic conversion: PGI (Protected Geographical Indication): white, red, grey, traditional methods, brut cherry and brut mirabelle.

Tasting and sale of products on site.

See their website

Domain ofGoulotte 

Producer of Côtes de Meuse wines: white, red, grey, traditional method blanc de blancs. Mirabelle de Lorraine, quetsche, Williams pear, prunelle, marc des Côtes de Meuse...

Tasting and sale of products on site.

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Domaine de Meussaumont 

Au Domaine de Meussaumont, l'objectif est d'exprimer dans nos vins le terroir unique des Côtes de Meuse.

Tasting and sale of products on site.

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